How to Find Someone on Tinder by Name (Search Profile Hacks)

Tinder is one of the top-rated dating sites where people meet. But if you think your partner is cheating or want to know if a specific person is on Tinder, you may have wondered how to find someone on Tinder by name.

Find someone on Tinder by name by searching name/username. If you don’t know the username, it will work better to use a 3rd party platform such as Social Catfish to locate their profile.

Many people meet their spouses on this platform and enjoy a good relationship. However, there may come a time when they begin to wonder if their partner is still active on Tinder.

Research shows that 30% of Tinder users are married while 12% are in a relationship. Therefore, you can decide to find someone (maybe a partner, an ex, or a crush) on Tinder.

The aim of searching may be curiosity. On the other hand, you may have a gut feeling that your partner is being unfaithful. The only way to confirm your suspicions is to search for them on the most popular dating websites.

Let us explore some hacks to finding a person on Tinder.

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How to find out if someone has a Tinder profile

Tinder does not have a search function. Therefore, looking for someone who has not been matched with you on Tinder is impossible. If you have a Tinder account and have previously matched with them, you can search for them on your match list.

Here is how to go about it:

  • The first step is to tap the message icon on the main screen of the Tinder app, which is located at the top of the screen
  • Pull down the icon from the top of the screen until a search bar appears
  • Input the person’s name into the Tinder search bar to look for them

Additionally, you can narrow down your discovery preferences to increase the chances of finding that specific person.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Open the Tinder app
  • Go to settings
  • Select “Discovery”
  • Tweak the settings to increase the chances of matching the right person, such as age and location
  • Save your settings, and you are ready to swipe

Alternatively, suppose you do not have a Tinder account or do not wish to use a previous Tinder account.

The first thing you can do is open a new account, usually called a “dummy account”. However, you may not use your real name to avoid being detected by people who know you. The aim of the fake Tinder account is to snoop around Tinder to satisfy your curiosity about your partner’s fidelity.

A lot of people have fake online identities on different social media platforms.

Therefore, you may need to open a new email for social media sites. You may not upload a Tinder passport. Also, do not fill in much information when setting your profile.

Don’t just match with new people to avoid distractions. This is an easy way to minimize uploading personal information on social media platforms.

Can I find someone on Tinder by phone number?

Yes, you can find someone on Tinder by their phone number. However, finding this person may not be with the Tinder app. There are various third-party apps to find a specific person on Tinder by phone number.

They include:

People Search Services

People search services are search engines that search public records for a person via their phone number. Suppose you have the number of the person you are looking for. It has a search feature to look up phone numbers. If the person uses Tinder with that phone number, you will be sure to find out.

People search services that are free including Spokeo and Radaris. They can display an individual’s details, court records, and location history.

Social Catfish

The aim of social catfish is to verify identities and find people. In addition, Social Catfish has a Tinder profile search bar.

Here is the information Social Catfish needs to discover who you are looking for:

  • Phone number
  • Name
  • Email
  • Tinder profile image 
  • Tinder username

N.B: Social Catfish requires only one of the information above to find Tinder users. In addition, you can narrow down the search by specifying age range, state, country, and city.

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Social Media

The use of social media may not directly take you to a person’s Tinder profile. However, it can help in identifying social media accounts linked to Tinder.

Tinder users with a Facebook account can use it to sign in, according to a Tinder policy implemented in 2018. In addition, Tinder users can display Instagram photos in their bio.

Therefore, you can use the search bar on Facebook or Instagram to search for a specific person on Tinder with their phone number. However, the number must be saved on your contact list.

Additionally, some individuals use the same name on all their social networks. Therefore, a phone number can reveal the person’s social media profiles, including Tinder.

How to search for someone on Tinder without joining

Suppose you have a hunch that your partner has an active Tinder account. However, you do not want to open an account in case it backfires, and they accuse you of cheating.

Luckily, there are other methods to search if someone has a Tinder profile.

Third-party apps like Social Catfish and Cheaterbuster can help you find a Tinder account without joining the platform.

These platforms are excellent because they provide accurate results on your search terms. They can help you discover the account of your partner on Tinder.

Instead of the endless swiping seen on Tinder, Social Catfish and Cheaterbuster will do an extensive search to provide accurate results without having a Tinder account.

Suppose you decide to use Cheaterbuster. 

It helps if you know the name (first name and last name) of the person you wish to search for. Additionally, the name should match their identity on Facebook. Afterward, you need to include the age of the person. The next step is to navigate a virtual map to specify the location. It may be the last location they used on Tinder or the place you last saw them.

In no time, you will have your search results.

However, if you cannot find the right person, you can make location changes to find the person. Cheaterbuster can also reveal if they have a profile on other popular dating apps.

Social Catfish can help you find a Tinder account with their search bar. 

The best way to use the app is to have their email or picture. This could make the search easier and faster. Social Catfish sieves through many Tinder profiles to find the ones that match your provided information. You can now conveniently follow the digital trail of anyone online.

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Does name/username work to find someone on Tinder?

Yes, this method can be employed to find someone on Tinder. However, it is not a reliable way to find a specific person on Tinder if they have a really common name. Plus, if they have a created user name, you’ll need to know what that is.

You can use search engines like Google or Yahoo to find someone on Tinder. All you have to do is type “ name/username” in the search bar.

Suppose the username you used was Ann ( Ann). Alternatively, you can use the name of the person to search. Google will bring out Tinder profiles with Ann, and you can browse for the person you are looking for.

This search result includes profile images to aid you in recognizing whoever you are looking for.

Does a Tinder profile mean my partner cheated?

A Tinder profile does not necessarily indicate that your partner has cheated. However, many of us would see it as disrespectful as it implies that someone is at least wanting attention and validation outside of their relationship.

Additionally, it may signify that a partner is not 100% committed to the relationship.

Every couple is different; some are really fluid and open in the relationship. Irrespective, an active Tinder account may be counted as a sign of infidelity. Suppose you discover your spouse or partner has an active Tinder account. It is absolutely normal to feel cheated.

Many couples hook up on Tinder.

Therefore, there is a good chance they still have a Tinder profile. Remember, an individual can have a Tinder account without being active. Here are three signs that someone is active on Tinder:

Updating Tinder Profile

One pitfall that exposes someone on Tinder is updating the profile.

Their partners may not be active on the app, but other people who know them are. Many people often think they are safe because “how will my partner find out?” This is usually the beginning of the end of many relationships.

Updating Profile Images

Many women can’t wait to show off their pictures, especially when they look like fantastic in them. This is one of the ways you can discover someone with an active dating profile on Tinder. Additionally, uploading pictures on Tinder indicates that you are still committed to finding a match.

Update on Location

Tinder cannot access your location if you do not use the app. However, when there is an update of a new location, it may indicate activity on the app.

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Suppose you have a Tinder profile, but it has been inactive for some time.

You can use it to discover if your partner still has an active Tinder account. However, suppose you do not have an account or have already deactivated your profile. In that case, you can use third-party apps and social media to find them.

Many people are on the Tinder space because it suits their needs. 

Single, divorced, and even married people have accounts on Tinder. You can read a recent article that guides you on writing an exciting Tinder bio (for guys). After all, dating apps are skewed towards women. So for a guy to stand out and actually get dates takes a few key steps.

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