249 Best Simple Tinder Bios for Guys (for 2024)

An attractive profile picture might be good, but the best photos don’t necessarily equate to the best Tinder profiles, not on an online dating site like Tinder. So what are some simple Tinder bios for men?

It might interest you to know that a few unpopular opinions might just be your ticket to getting you the right swipes that will take you out on that first date!

The concept of online dating has been embraced in recent years.

However, starting out on dating sites like Tinder could be daunting, and that’s why it’s important to have a great Tinder bio that’ll win a girl’s attention and leave a good first impression.

If I’m being honest, as a recently divorced 57-year-old, I met my current girlfriend on Tinder. So Tinder does work, isn’t just for hookups, and works great for older guys as well as the younger crowd.

Regardless of your personality- funny guy, nerd, simple guy, or the life of the party- there’s always a Tinder bio to suit your dating profile.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. It doesn’t matter if it’s about to be your first time on Tinder; I have curated a long list of some great Tinder bios to tune to your taste.

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Tinder bios for men lg

Short but funny Tinder bios for guys

Remember, it’s a bio, not an autobiography. Trigger her smile with a funny bio, and she might just swipe right!

  1. Confident – You. Yes, you. I dare you to swipe right.
  2. Good – Believe it or not, there’s that one person made for everyone. I still haven’t found mine. Have you?
  3. Flirty and witty – My looks could be deceiving. I’m neither interested in hookups nor one-night stands. One reply from you is enough to raise my hopes forever.
  4. Good and confident – I’m not here because I feel lonely. I’m only here because there’s someone who needs my company. Is that you?
  5. Self-deprecating humor – Want to date a funny guy? You’ve just seen one. Mind you, I’m not tall and dark.
  6. Creative and romantic – I don’t care if you’re beautiful or cute or not. When I say ‘I love you’, it could be for no reason at all. So, don’t ask me to clarify. Thanks in advance.
  7. Simple – Happy life. Happy vibes. Happy Match.
  8. Creative and confident – One of my best qualities is honesty. That alone makes me stand out on Tinder. So, here’s a quick tip from me- dating me ensures you’ll always be the better-looking one.
  9. Nerdy and funny – I’m a scientist. I also love Math. While Isaac Newton is my role model, I don’t plan to die a virgin.
  10. Nerdy – There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. But how do you deal with the fear of being in the dark? Swipe right for a practical answer.
  11. Motivation and quotes – The right one will come to you at the right time, whether you use Tinder or not. So don’t go here or there. Instead, do something that adds value to your life.
  12. Ambitious and extrovert – Lover of the outdoors. Lover of pets. I’m just an adventurer with a ton of fantasy to explore with you!
  13. Creative and self-deprecating humor – I know I’m not perfect, and neither are you. If you think you’re perfect though, you probably shouldn’t be here. Good thing we’re all a work in progress.
  14. Witty and funny – I like to party. I can party hard and long to save my life. Oh, and by party, I mean take naps.
  15. Funny and introvert – Semi-professional bathroom singer. Excellent cook. Best TV show: Breaking Bad, you?
  16. Confident and witty – This is a dating app, not a company with vacancies. So, do check your interest and skills first. If you are confident, only then apply. Okay?
  17. Self-deprecating humor – These days, I don’t pray for things anymore. The last time I prayed to be someone’s type, I was donating blood. Lessons learned, but here I still am!
  18. Simple and flirty – “I love your shape”, “I love your shape”. If I were a shape, I’d be a triangle. An acute one!
  19. Self-deprecating humor – Forget the glasses. I’m not that serious. I’m not that smart either.
  20. Flirty and creative – I’m only here searching for my high school teenage crush. I’m hoping we can start that secret story that we were not able to complete. Ps: Till then, I’m available to anyone.
  21. Nerdy and deprecating humor – Good thing I was born without the ability to smell. No one will accommodate your shits like me. Plus, your farts got nothing on me.
  22. Good and confident – Just so we’re clear, I’m taller in person. I’m also more introverted than I look. You simply won’t get bored with me anyways.
  23. Witty and desperate – For the love of God, date me. I’m tired of bringing my mom to dinner as my +1. You can tell she’s having fun; I’m just smiling for the camera.
  24. Witty and nerdy – How to solve Math: (i) Read the problem. (ii) Read it again. (iii) Cry. Swipe right if you agree.
  25. Witty, funny, and creative – I’ve been to jail many times. Why. 10 out of 10 times while playing Monopoly. I plan on getting this one right.
  26. Creative and confident – I’m not cocky or overconfident. But I’m the type of guy you like to introduce to your parents with pride and confidence. I’m sweet like that!
  27. Nerdy and creative – I don’t know many things. I also have a dog. But I promise you I’m not Jon Snow.
  28. Witty and confident – Work out with me. Hit the treadmill with me. Our relationship will take care of itself.
  29. Simple and confident – The ones you’ve been searching for are here. We’re just waiting for you to make the right swipe. Sorry, I meant swipe right!
  30. Pros and cons – Pro: I will spend all my money on food. Con: I have spent all my money on food.
  31. Creative – Ex broke up with me because I couldn’t spell ‘Pharoah’ correctly. Can you imagine that? She had me spell all the names in Chronicles before breaking up with me.
  32. Nerdy and creative – Hey, Google! Yes, you! I’ve been searching for you.
  33. Witty and creative – I’ll tie your laces. Wouldn’t want you to fall for anyone else. That’s how I show I’m in love with you.
  34. Funny, confident, and ambitious – I’m ready for a serious commitment. I intend to do everything on my part for our future. Only one thing I wouldn’t do- wake up before 7.
  35. Simple and confident – Do you believe in love at first sight, or should we match again?

Simple but smart Tinder bios

Some ladies prefer the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) Tinder users. Here are some of the best Tinder bio examples to keep it simple but not stupid:

  1. Creative and romantic – I’m that friend you want to meet on weekends. I can also be the partner you want to sit beside, relaxing and talking about how your day went. I’m a multifaceted being just for you.
  2. Funny and confident – Strong men don’t have attitudes. They have standards. We also have thick beards.
  3. Confident and ambitious – Well, here I am. You’ve got your first wish. What are your other two wishes?
  4. Creative and confident quotes – “By far my favorite grandchild” – My Grandma. “By far my favorite son”- My mother. “By far my favorite man” -My ex.
  5. Creative and confident – I’m not into taking things slowly. I move pretty fast. You somehow managed to make me slow down to swipe right.
  6. Nerdy and creative – Don’t waste time going to the hospital. You’re not that sick. You’re only lacking vitamin ME.
  7. Confident and aggressive – My mood depends on the looks of my hair. Well combed and smooth means I’m at work. Don’t bother talking to me when you see my hair smooth and shiny.
  8. Simple and confident – If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun. The first rule: don’t follow a guy like me. Second rule: Don’t believe everything I say.
  9. Creative and desperate – Highly dynamic personality and flexible nature. My tastes and hobbies do change depending on the lady I’m talking to. So, consider whatever you like as my hobby.
  10. Ambitious – A simple guy with extraordinary dreams. Trying to live this life to the fullest. The only ingredient lacking for this journey is a partner.
  11. Simple and creative – I’d give a lengthy description of myself. Oh, I changed my mind. That’ll steal the whole fun of knowing me.
  12. Witty and desperate – If we match, I already told my mom about us. If we didn’t, I probably told her as well. Long story short: Mom wants to see you!
  13. Ambitious and romantic – Ideally, I would love to meet a girl who is my age. She must be serious about getting into a serious relationship. She too, must be scared of getting older and love to play pool.
  14. Nerdy and creative – Life is short. Talk fast. Winter is coming!
  15. Creative and flirty – I’m just a simple guy who wants nothing extra. A routine chatting partner to talk to before sleep is okay. Well, not just talking before sleep.
  16. Simple and Confident – You have two choices. (i) Swipe right on my profile and allow me to be your man. (ii) keep waiting for Mr. Perfect.
  17. Creative and introvert – If you like water, you already like 72% of me. Disney+ > Netflix. Coffee > Tea.

Best Tinder bios to leave a good first impression

Her first impression of you matters as well. So, feel free to create something in the best way possible from one of these:

  1. Nerdy and creative – About me: (i) I’ve been nailed three times. (ii) I would die for you. (iii) My dad is a skilled carpenter. Swipe right to meet Jesus.
  2. Confident and romantic – A good guy with pimples needs a girl with a dimple. I’m not for everyone but the special ones.
  3. Nerdy and desperate – Life partner needed. Spare my life, please. Coffee??
  4. Simple and confident – I see you blushing at my profile. Swipe right. You will only get one chance.
  5. Ambitious – Living in my fantasy world. Chase your dreams. Don’t chase me anywhere.
  6. Romantic and confident – Show me you’re serious, and I’ll take you seriously. Let me reach that level your ex hasn’t been. Let me be someone your ex-boyfriend couldn’t be.
  7. Romantic and ambitious – I don’t care about your shape. If you accept me for me, I’ll never judge you. All I want from you is a lifetime commitment, and I’m willing to do the same.
  8. Romantic and confident – It will be my pleasure for your parents to see us together smiling, and they will ask, “Who is he?”. I am the kind of guy you can confidently introduce to your parents.
  9. Romantic – No such thing as a perfect partner. I’m not perfect, and neither are you. But I would like to learn and adjust to being just perfect with you.
  10. Romantic – No hookups or one-night stands. I just want a reply from you to keep me hopeful for the rest of my life. Please swipe right.
  11. Witty and confident – Still haven’t found your perfect match here on Tinder? How can you when you haven’t even met me? If we’ve never met, swipe right.
  12. Romantic and ambitious – You’re beautiful, and I’m strong. Our kids will be superheroes. So let’s do something for our nation.
  13. Flirty and romantic – I’m here to spread love, not legs. That’s also a goal, but it’s next-level love.
  14. Confident and Romantic – My ex told me, “You deserve someone better than me.” I’m pretty sure they were talking about you.
  15. Romantic and passionate – I deserve love, and so does everyone else. I just need to find that person who believes that they too are worthy of it. Hope it’s you.
  16. Confident and witty – Looking for true love? Perfect. I’m one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.
  17. Confident and honest – I don’t need perfect. I need honesty. I’m not for everyone but the special ones. Is that you?
  18. Witty and Romantic – I’m here waiting for you. Believe me. We could make the 8th wonder of the world.
  19. Confident – Your soon-to-be boyfriend, if you’re serious that is. You just take the first step; I’ll handle the rest.
  20. Self-deprecating humor – Want to date a funny guy? I’m your man. Surprisingly, I’m also short. I’m here waiting for you.
  21. Good and different – Surprised to see me here on Tinder? I’m surprised to see you here too. You’ll only get one chance, so beware first.
  22. Romantic and witty – I’m here with nothing. But together, we can make everything. I’m weird, but I’m sure you’ll love that.
  23. Romantic and ambitious – A lovable husband and a passionate boyfriend, I’m 100% confident about that. Available for a short period only.
  24. Flirty and Romantic – After seeing your profile, my heart takes control of my mind. So, let’s impress each other, we’ll express everything later.
  25. Witty and confident – A soulmate is available here. Have a partner who lets you visit their home more often than a beer shop.

  26. Funny and creative – You can count on me as I’m an accountant. I record everything that I feel has some potential for a good return.
  27. Simple and funny – Spread love, not germs. Love has no limit. Love has no limit, but our body does have a limit called stamina.
  28. Simple and honest – Not looking for a date or anything like that. Just a girl to show up within the next family function so at least they shut their mouths for a few months, hopefully.
  29. Nerdy and witty – I’m on a mission to spend my whole 20s free of girlfriends and dates. I dare you to stop me from creating this great record.
  30. Simple and plain – I’m just a simple guy, new in the dating pool, looking for someone to spend a good time with or a better life with.
  31. Simple and desperate – Get me now. Later I may not remain this attractive and funny to you. But don’t marry me. At least you should carry me home.
  32. Flirty and desperate – No more “50 shades of grey” for me. My imagination is far ahead of that. You can swipe right now.
  33. Funny and creative – Do you like this shirt? Guess what? It’s husband material.
  34. Romantic and ambitious – Need someone who takes me home when I can’t go on my own. Searching for someone to get bored with. We’ll do everything together.
  35. Romantic and ambitious – Kids do casual dating and one-night stands. I prefer to marry, have kids and make everyone happy. It’ll make me much happier.
  36. Confident and sure – If you want a family guy, that’s me. Someone who makes you feel at home and is also very romantic. Look no further.
  37. Confident and good – I’m not some guy to meet and forget. Just an honest and simple guy who will always be yours the moment he’s yours. Better swipe right before it’s too late.
  38. Honest and Romantic – Looking for someone to have a good relationship with. Someone I can start a loving family with also. We’ll build a happy home together.

Emotionally arousing pickup lines

  1. Honest and Ambitious – Tired of crushes. I just want someone to be with forever. I’m sure of what I want, and I’ll say it without hesitation.
  2. Confident – I’m an incredible guy. I’m not bound by rules and am very understanding. I’m loyal and honest and not someone you’re going to meet on Tinder daily.
  3. Romantic and ambitious – I don’t want casual dating and random hookups. I want lifetime commitments. I want someone I would like to see every day for the rest of my life.
  4. Confident and sure – Not all boys are the same, maybe they are. But this boy is a man. I would certainly consider getting married to you.
  5. Confident and ambitious – I want to get to that level that none of your exes ever could. I want to be your husband and a father to your kids. Swipe right now.
  6. Romantic and desperate – Want to start a life with you. I want you to move out of your parents’ house as quickly as possible. Swipe right because I think we just found each other.
  7. Romantic and creative – I’d share my WIFI password with you. But you have to share a life with me. You have to be my wifey.
  8. Romantic and confident – I don’t want anything casual. I’m here to find my soulmate, I say proudly. Look at my profile picture. I’m that serious.
  9. Romantic and self-deprecating humor – I may not have any costly gifts for you. I promise my heart is expensive enough. It’s the most valuable thing I have in my arsenal.
  10. Romantic and daring – I want to find my soulmate here on Tinder. Can you help me prove my friends wrong? There’s no way I’m giving up.
  11. Confident and simple – You are willing to wait for a perfect guy. Why not swipe right. See if I’m the one for you in the meantime.
  12. Romantic – I’m just a simple guy. I want not extra or special. All I want is a routine chatting partner to talk to before sleep.
  13. Romantic and good – I just need that girl I can call the one. The one who, instead of making fun of me, gives me a tough competition in the fart game.
  14. Nerdy and desperate – Highly dynamic personality and flexible nature. My tastes and hobbies do change as per the girl I’m talking to. So, consider what you like. I like the same
  15. Nerdy and hopeful – I’d like to give myself to someone who is just like me. I’m patient, single, and hopeful. Someone single their entire life.
  16. Sure and ambitious – Under the right circumstances, I want a girl my age. Someone scared of getting older and looking for a man who wants to get serious.
  17. Romantic and witty – I want to be the partner you want beside you, relaxing and talking about how your day went. I want to be that friend you meet on weekends.
  18. Romantic and funny – I’m ready for a serious commitment. I’m willing to do everything except one. I’m not waking up before 7.
  19. Romantic and desperate – It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. I’m the kind of guy who can be anything you want. You just have to tell me.
  20. Romantic – If you want to share your love with me, you can count on me. I’m not perfect. But I’m willing to give my all to you.
  21. Creative – Is there anything you would like to know about me? You can ask me, you know? It just has to be on a dinner date.
  22. Simple – I have everything or almost everything. I’m still looking for you. I want to share everything with you.
  23. Simple and honest – I’m just a regular guy. I’m looking for a serious relationship. And this time, I mean it.
  24. Creative and romantic – People call me old-fashioned. I prefer writing love poems for you. I also prefer arranging our secret meetings without our parents’ knowledge.
  25. Romantic and good – The right one will come at the right time. Tinder or not. So do something that adds value to your already beautiful life. Swipe right.
  26. Honest and confident – Not sure anyone on Tinder will ever say this. I will be the first to dare say and mean it. “I’m a very honest person”.
  27. Creative and Romantic – Most people say there is light or hope at the end of the tunnel. The problem is surviving the fear of being in the dark. So how about you survive with me?
  28. Witty – I’m not perfect, and you’re not too. Hope you think you’re perfect. If you are, why are you here?
  29. Confident – I’m not a lonely guy, and I’m not here on Tinder because I feel that way. I know there’s someone who needs my company. That’s my main reason for being here.
  30. Creative and desperate – I’m searching for my high school teenage crush. I don’t think I’ll find her though. Doesn’t matter. I’m available for anyone.
  31. Creative and confident – People say I set my standard too high. I say I just haven’t found the right match yet which I think is you. How about you just swipe right.
  32. Romantic – You don’t have to believe me. But you should know that there is that one person for everyone. I just haven’t found mine yet, and I just hope it’s you.
  33. Confident and ambitious – The one searching for you is right here. Your search has finally come to an end. I’m just waiting for you to swipe right.
  34. Desperate and ambitious – I want someone who wants a relationship. That person is lost on Tinder somewhere. It doesn’t matter though, because I’ll find her.
  35. Flirty and romantic – If you’re serious, we’ll be together for a lifetime. If you’re not, nothing much happens really. It’s only going to be for one night.
  36. Romantic and confident – I can always help go one up on your sister over whose date is hotter. Trust me, I’m sure I can beat any guy for you.
  37. Flirty and confident – You can call me if you want to get laid. I’m that guy. I’m also the guy to call if you want to get serious.
  38. Flirty and nerdy – Do you want to create a record of the shortest duration when two strangers come so close to each other? Or a record of the longest lifetime spent by a special couple.
  39. Flirty and confident – Still having problems finding a match? How could you when you haven’t met me before? If we’ve never met, you should swipe right for the best experience of your life.
  40. Self-deprecating humor – Don’t take your life seriously. Well, look at me. No one takes me seriously, either. So how about we take each other seriously instead
  41. Flirty and romantic – I fantasize a lot about what my perfect night would be like. How about I share it with you? You just have to swipe right if you have a similar interest
  42. Flirty – Do you know what you want? Do you want to keep getting screwed over by life or by someone who will give you all the pleasure you desire? Well, that someone is me.
  43. Romantic – I want to be there for you when you are alone or feeling lonely. I want to also be there when you want to do something together. I just hope you’ll be there for me too.
  44. Confident and romantic – I want you to be very happy and feel complete and satisfied with me so much that you delete your Tinder app and even retire from the dating game.
  45. Good and simple – If it’s your first time here, then all I can say is that it’s my first time too. So how about we walk this road together.

Some hilarious Tinder bios to increase your chances of getting laid:

  1. Flirty and nerdy – You could call me a biology student. I’m looking for some fresh bodies only for testing purposes. Anyway, can you help me out?
  2. Flirty and confident – All guys are the same. All they want to do is get into your pants. I’m not like them. I want to wait till they get out, and then I will get in.
  3. Flirty and witty – I’ve got a nut. You’ve got a bolt. Aren’t we supposed to be fixing something?
  4. Confident and sure – I want somebody serious, ready, and excited to be in a relationship. I don’t want someone spoiled, wasted, or used by someone else. I want this idea to be clear enough for you.
  5. Confident – I’m over the idea of marriage. Right here on Tinder, I use my uncle’s picture as a profile picture. This is because I’m tired of getting requests.
  6. Honest and sure – I’m a real honest guy, and I’m openly admitting to you on Tinder. “Yes, I’m here for just hookups. That’s all I need right now.”
  7. Confident – There will come a time when you have to say. ‘Be gentle, man’. You just don’t know you make it hard for your gentleman. Most likely me.
  8. Flirty and creative – I want to park my private jet in your lot tonight? I promise I will take it by tomorrow morning. How about you just swipe right.
  9. Flirty and honest – Just arrived in town for the first time. I’m alone and also scared. I’m just going to invite you to my place.
  10. Confident and witty – I know I seem like an average guy. But there’s nothing average about me, I promise you. I will have to change that stereotypical image of me though.
  11. Simple and honest – People always screw each other’s life. They tagged it as love. What about you, what will you do with people’s lives, especially me.
  12. Flirty and romantic – I need some kisses urgently. It will be returned to you with interest; trust me. First, I fall for you, then we both fall for each other.
  13. Confident and ambitious – I will never let you go. I will let you go down. You could also provide a practice example of a one-night stand.
  14. Flirty and creative – My sugarcane is a few steps away from your nice candy ass. We could play a game together. Imagine you are 6 and I’m 9.
  15. Creative and confident – You must be tired of vibrators. Well, no worries, you have me now. Just remember my name. You’ll need it while screaming.
  16. Confident – If you keep scrolling and don’t swipe right, all I can say is you have not the slightest idea what you’re missing. Most people would kill for a night with me.
  17. Romantic and desperate – My mom wants me to get married. I’m here looking for someone. Want to be that someone?
  18. Creative and romantic – You have lots of treasures deep within you. I’m a pirate, and I would like to find all of those treasures no matter where they are hidden. I’d like to take it away along with you.
  19. Creative and romantic – I used to be a billionaire. Then I met her, she blew my mind. Now I’m a millionaire.

Unique Tinder taglines to get the most matches

  1. Simple and confident – I’m not here on Tinder to impress you. I’m just here to chill. I would like you to join me though.
  2. Nerdy and creative – Whatever happens, remember this: If life ever makes you a potato. Just make sure you’re the sweetest potato there is.
  3. Flirty and romantic – I will give you my keys. I’ll let you drive, even on the first ride. I know you drive me crazy.
  4. Flirty and honest – Sleeping alone no longer appeals to me. I feel off and need someone to turn me on. I need someone to share a bed with.
  5. Flirty and creative – I’m already married. I just want to make my wife a bit jealous. Would you help me?
  6. Confident and funny – People say I have the highest rating on my profile. If you won’t trust me, you can trust Tinder to not make a mistake. Just swipe right.
  7. Simple and creative – You are not perfect. And I’m most definitely not perfect. So how about we get imperfect together?
  8. Flirty and creative – All I want is for my future to be fantastic. I want a perfect future. One as perfect as your perfect ass.
  9. Romantic and creative – Problems, ups, and downs are a part of human lives. I won’t say we won’t have problems. But I’ll say it’ll always be me and you facing them.
  10. Nerdy and creative – All I want is to go down on you. Just as the Titanic to that freaky iceberg. I only promise not to crash completely.
  11. Romantic and honest – I’m the new guy on Tinder who can’t find his way. I’m just searching for a girl who understands me. Want someone who’ll be ‘my first’ of everything.
  12. Confident and witty – You shouldn’t say all men are the same. Though it may look true, trust me, it’s not. All I can say is, you haven’t tried me yet.
  13. Confident – Hearing from me will take some time. I received plenty of applications, and I work alone. But if you’re able to get me, you’ll see why.
  14. Romantic – Been living a boring life. Don’t want that anymore. I want someone who feels the same, so we can change that and have a great time together.
  15. Romantic and inviting – Sharing details of myself on Tinder isn’t something I like very much. But I can share everything when we finally get the dinner table together. So, what do you say?
  16. Simple and Self-deprecating humor – Experience for me is zero. Who wants to show me the ropes? We could have lots of fun together. Who knows where that will lead to?
  17. Romantic and passionate – I’m looking for my inspiration. I like to sing. I need someone to love me and leave me with such pain that they say I need to get my music out of my soul.
  18. Simple and inviting – It’s been a long and tiring week. How about we get together this weekend and have some fun. We could have lots of fun and do everything dangerous.
  19. Confident – Your choice is just perfect. You seem to have a great sense of taste. I hope you won’t disappoint me either.

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Tinder bio ideas if you want to sound funny in a classy but genius way

  1. Confident and romantic – I’m anything but simple despite my looks. I need an exceptional girl to make extraordinary things out of me. Are you that special girl?
  2. Flirty – You want friendship. You don’t want any serious relationship. If you can keep things in between that, we can be a better match.
  3. Sure – Need a girl who can dazzle me with her great sense of humor. I need her sense of humor in excess. I don’t have any at all.
  4. Ambitious – Don’t worry about one-night stands. Forget about the hookups and get laid things. Let’s get to know each other and see where things lead.
  5. Romantic and ambitious – I love kids. Don’t have any. I can’t have any myself, so I need someone to make them with.
  6. Self-deprecating humor – I’m using Tinder to make friends. We can get together and have the worst date ever. What do you say?
  7. Desperate – Have you been searching for so long? Tired of finding the right partner? Can you be the right partner for me, please?
  8. Flirty and desperate – Just won a lottery worth ten million. So I’m really rich and single. I’m available for everyone.
  9. Confident and sure – Give me your attention. No drama queen allowed here. Need someone to give me peace of mind.
  10. Confident and desperate – I’m very rich. I’m also funnier and sexier than your ex. You shouldn’t pass up my offer.
  11. Catchy and inspirational – Love yourself before expecting love from someone else. This way, you don’t feel worthless. You feel worthy of love because you’re a catch.
  12. Romantic – Need someone so that I can focus on my career better. She will be my inspiration. My reason is to come home and work hard.
  13. Romantic and inspiring – Searching for someone to change my life positively. Someone that will love me enough to make me change whatever’s bad in me. Someone to inspire my change.
  14. Confident – You’re handsome. You’re great. Thanks for appreciating.
  15. Romantic and desperate – Looking for a soulmate. Well, I’m right here. I’m very serious. I hope you are too.
  16. Sure and confident – Don’t expect honesty. Expect satisfaction instead. But if you find honesty, never let it go.
  17. Flirty and confident – I’m just a regular guy. I’m the guy whose puppy introduces him to the girls. And I won’t ever let you die a virgin, I promise.
  18. Confident and funny – I don’t think the Tinder bio section is enough to describe who I’m. You can experience it for yourself. All you have to do is swipe right.
  19. Sure and confident – I’m here only for hookups, not for LTR. What is your purpose? We could help each other out
  20. Romantic – I don’t have an active profile. I’m sorry about that. But only that special someone could ever make it active.
  21. Creative and funny – I think it’s time for you to rest now. You have been running in my mind for the last two hours. I just can’t stop thinking of you.
  22. Confident and ambitious – Kids learn from seeing others doing it. Legends learn from actually doing it. Let’s become legends together.
  23. Self-deprecating humor – I don’t feel right when I see you. Stop fixing me or anything for me though. Just fix a date, that’ll be awesome.
  24. Flirty – I’m not expecting dates or looking for a serious relationship, just cute girls or hot chicks to hire. My video views are not increasing, and someone told me to create an attractive thumbnail. Do you want to be my click-bait queen?
  25. Flirty and confident – I’m the kind of guy your family would like to know more about. I’m also the kind of guy your neighbor already knows about. You just have to pick.
  26. Creative and romantic – I’m too busy. I don’t even have time to change my bio, but if I find her, the one, I will make time for her and still won’t have time for my bio.
  27. Confident and creative – I went with a friend to an AA meeting. A girl there told me her biggest regret. It was not swiping right on my profile.
  28. Confident and daring – If you’re reading my bio right now. If you think you need to swipe left. Better swipe right.
  29. Simple and funny – If you don’t know if we are a match. How about you just swipe right. Do this for our kids at least.
  30. Confident and creative – Most people don’t know this. But I’m not a typical player. I’m a coach who just entered the dating field
  31. Flirty and sure – Some want hookups. Some want to be serious. How about we just screw each other’s lives and leave suddenly.
  32. Simple and creative – I’m a professional certified bathroom singer. I’m looking for someone, professional or not, to sing a duet with. I can teach you.
  33. Nerdy and creative – I’m a businessman. Business is all I know. My love is on sale and looking for the perfect client to crack a deal with.
  34. Nerdy and creative – Bad things happen to everyone. Some are just tragic. I never take revenge. I just go on a date leaving my wallet at home.
  35. Confident and daring – Most think of me as very old. And some say I’m very young. The age in my bio is incorrect. First, you need to earn my trust.
  36. Creative and inspiring – Do you want to feel satisfied? Stop expecting too much in the first place. It’s that simple.
  37. Romantic – I’m saving myself for that special person in life. I hope she’s right here on Tinder. Could that be you?
  38. Confident – While it sounds unbelievable, I’m smarter and wealthier than mentioned in the Tinder bio. I’m hotter in person too.
  39. Romantic quote – Most people are lonely. Most people are bored. All you need is someone to listen to your boring stuff.
  40. Confident and daring – Hope you don’t see your life as boring. Maybe it is. Want to bring excitement to life? Then swipe right.
  41. Nerdy and creative – Facebook is an addiction. I don’t think I can find Cinderella there. So I’m using Tinder without fail.
  42. Descriptive – I’m not so tall and dark. I’m handsome. What about you?
  43. Romantic and inspiring – People say a balanced home keeps your focus. All I need is a girl that keeps me focused on my career more than anything else.
  44. Romantic and inspiring – You and I together already sounds like a miracle. Believe me when I say, together, we can make the list for the best couple in the bet awards. We wouldn’t even need to be celebrities to win the award.
  45. Romantic and honest – I can only promise to love you. My love is so loyal and unconditional. Even my dog feels insecure sometimes.
  46. Witty – Got blocked on Facebook. It wasn’t for me anyway. I’m now on Tinder. It’s a new place, old game, baby.
  47. Creative and funny – My teddy bear broke up with me. Need a new one urgently. I would like to make her jealous too.
  48. Romantic – Looking for someone fun. I’m looking for a partner in crime. Someone, we can do everything together.
  49. Most likely – I’m the most likely to buy tchotchkes on Amazon while drunk. I’m the least likely to win at Mario Kart. I’m the most likely to go to sleep at a reasonable time.
  50. Obscure skills – The most likely to try questionable street meat is me. I can do a better Gollum impression than Andy Serkis. I’ve got exceptional magic skills, specific sleight of hand.
  51. Obscure skills – I’m an extremely accurate snowball thrower. My cord management is both compulsive and flawless. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
  52. Would you rather – Would you rather be able to eat anything you want and not get fat? Or would you rather be well rested on one hour of sleep? Or would you relieve the stress with food?
  53. Would you rather – Would you rather be able to converse with all animals? Or would you rather be fluent in all human languages? Or would you rather not want to speak to animals at all?
  54. Dos and Don’ts – Pizza not working out, Bo Burnham, pineapple upside-down cake. Haunted houses, Childish Gambino, overwatch. I could never give up mint chocolate chip ice cream, chick lit, musical theater, or jeopardy.
  55. Unpopular opinion – Dogs are overrated. The empire did nothing wrong. Burger King fries > McDonalds fries.
  56. Unpopular opinion – Cards against humanity is boring and lazy. Your body is not that cute. Jim and Pam are manipulative and cruel
  57. Unpopular opinion – Sitting in the traffic is more stress-relieving than having sex. Politics is a dirty game. What else would you like to know?
  58. Pros and cons – I love dogs and would rather spoon a dog instead of you. I make a mean guac. I don’t know how to make anything other than guac.
  59. Pros and cons – I know how to carry a tune. I could just burst into singing in public settings. I’m an excellent trivia partner though.
  60. Pros and cons – I will split the check, I own a Dj Roomba. I’m an unabashed jaywalker. I hate pizza and I’m held together by a team of specialists.
  61. Obscure skills – I’ve always known I’d be a border. I’m surprised how often I still fall on my ass. I’m very thankful for my life.
  62. Obscure skills – I’ve always known the secret to happiness is gratitude. I’m still always surprised and humbled by how much I have in my life to be grateful for. I have so much to be grateful for?
  63. Zombie apocalypse – In the event of a zombie apocalypse. I’d immediately steal the Egyptian presidential yacht. Load it up with tater tots and Missy Elliot records.
  64. Zombie apocalypse – In a zombie apocalypse, I would steal a yacht. Take it to the middle of the pacific and get my tan on. Life’s short anyway. I want to go out in style.
  65. Zombie apocalypse – In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I’d be the first one to be bitten. Have you seen zombies? They are glorified hipsters, and never in my life have I been able to resist a hipster.
  66. Life describing songs – If I were to describe my life with one song. I couldn’t really think of one. But it would be Hand in My Pocket (Alanis get me).
  67. Life describing songs – If I were to describe my life with songs. The song that describes my life would be: God is a Woman by Ariana Grande, Titanium by David Guetta, and White and Nerdy by Weird AI.
  68. Two truths and a lie – Here are two truths and a lie, I was a Gerber baby. I once won a regional hot dog eating competition. Chrissy Teigen used my banana bread recipe on her secret food blog.
  69. Two truths and a lie – Two truths and a lie include, I’m double-jointed. My cat is in an extremely popular meme. I was bitten by a dolphin in Maui.
  70. Funny and simple – You shouldn’t buy Colgate whitening toothpaste. It’s said guaranteed whiteness in 14 days. It’s been two weeks, and I’m still Asian.
  71. Funny and confident – Swipe in the direction you think is amazing the moment you get to my profile. Plot twist. I win both ways.
  72. Funny and simple – I’m good at cooking amazing instant noodles. I’ve never been in jail before except when playing monopoly. I’m also very lazy.
  73. Creative – Honestly, I’m just here looking for my parents. They disappeared one night a few years ago, and I heard I might be able to find them here. Please contact me if you have any pertinent information.
  74. Funny and creative – Here’s something great about me that you might want to know. The last time I was someone’s type, I was donating blood.
  75. Confident and positive – I’m one hell of a guy. I’m an outstanding gentleman, and the only things I can think of about me are all good. I’m the most interesting guy in the world.
  76. Confident and daring – With all the amazing things you’ve seen, all the amazing things you know, you’d be crazy not to swipe right.


It’s a long list to choose from, wouldn’t you agree? There’s something for every guy- single, married, nice guys, weird, conversation starters, etc.

But the older divorced guys are not left out of the fold as well.

In fact, it could be just what you wanted. Check out my recent article to know more about how Tinder works for you as an older divorced guy. I have a friend who’s pushing 60 and regularly hooking up on Tinder with girls in their 20s. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

The list above contains some of the best bio examples that will likely earn you a right swipe, but it’s always a good idea to fine-tune them in a creative way to carve out the best Tinder bio that matches your personality.

However, you want to make sure you’re emotionally mature to handle all that comes next after a right swipe.

The last thing you want is bringing garbage from past breakup experiences, divorces, and complicated relationships into a new one.

Then once you match on Tinder, make sure to message them right away so they know you’re really interested.

So how long should you stay single before hitting up Tinder?

Luckily, I get into the science behind breakups, rebounds, and exactly how long you should wait following a breakup before dating in a recent article. It can definitely help you decide if you’re emotionally prepared for another relationship or not.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

It’s a good thing all women were not created to fall for the same personality in men. Looking for a serious relationship? Or maybe one-night stands? Or maybe you just want to have a good time and try out new places with new people?

No matter what, a good Tinder bio, a good sense of humor, and knowing the trick to sending photos on Tinder chat, with a little bit of good luck are great ways to meet your perfect match!

Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay

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