125 Best Dating Profile Headlines for Guys (that really work)

Many people today have found true love (or other interests) online, thanks to online dating sites and dating apps. But it all starts with a great bio headline. So what are the best dating profile headlines for guys?

Below, I have 125 of the best examples neatly categorized by what they are trying to accomplish.

However, it takes more than a good look or uploading great dating profile photos to match the right person with similar interests as you.

Leaving a good first impression on dating platforms is essential for better results, and the best way to achieve this is through your dating profile.

Your profile headline basically defines your type of person to other users on the platform.

While a good username and a little bit of good luck could earn you some attention for a few seconds, a good headline is one of the first things women tend to look out for when seeking prospective matches on dating sites.

Creating a good dating headline may seem daunting for starters, and many guys spend so much time racking their brains looking for the best POF headlines.

After many nights of research and pulling resources from top online dating profiles from some of the most prestigious dating platforms globally, I’ve been able to come up with a series of attractive headlines to make lives much easier for guys on POF, Tinder, Match, Bumble or any other online dating platform.

Below are some of the best dating profile examples to choose from:

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Funny Dating Headlines

  1. Funny and smart – if you love water, then you love 72% of me.
  2. Funny and masculine – I do all my own stunts.
  3. Misinterpreted by few, very funny to others – No more serial killers.
  4. Funny and fit – My heart is as big as my muscles.
  5. Witty and brave – Easy-going laid-back dude here.
  6. Funny and romantic – Looking for someone to share my life and a Costco membership with.
  7. Witty question – Can’t seem to find Mr. Right? A great way to find him would be to message me!
  8. Witty or arrogant – Do not be fooled by my good looks, I’m also quite smart.
  9. Address fear with humor – I promise never to ghost you.
  10. Ask a fun question – What’s your favorite superhero?
  11. The funny and mysterious guy – 3 things I never told anyone…
  12. Dark humor – Lost souls seek out other lost souls
  13. Funny and cute – I’m addicted to the feeling a good horror film gives me and I love strange food.
  14. Humorously humble – If only I could think of something witty.
  15. Dark humor – My apartment smells like dark mahogany.
  16. Highlighting my flaws – I’m spontaneous, random, impulsive, and a great cook.

Flirty Dating Headlines For Tinder and Bumble

  1. Professional cuddles – I have better ways to make you scream, I have a degree in cuddling too.
  2. Bad decisions – Let’s have some guilty pleasures, let’s make some bad decisions tonight?
  3. The straight-up fun guy – I don’t take life too seriously, let’s have some fun.
  4. Playboy tactic – I don’t want something serious, but I’m sure you can change my mind.
  5. Bad boy slang – I’m the good kind of bad boy.
  6. The hookup classic – Looking for a cuddle buddy…with benefits.
  7. Getting laid – Looking for the easiest way to help me get over my ex.
  8. Flirty humor – If you can handle me, come take a ride.
  9. Witty romantic – Looking for someone to cuddle with on a rainy day.
  10. Cocky or arrogant – I can make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.
  11. Serious but still open– Looking for a relationship, but I’m open to being convinced otherwise.
  12. Fun and games – Living life to the fullest and looking for someone to join me
  13. Trading cuddles – A good way to spend time with each other would be to cuddle for food. What do you think?
  14. Decisions to regret – Let’s do something that we both regret so we can start off on the right foot.
  15. Netflix and snacks – If you need a cuddle buddy, I come with Netflix and snacks.
  16. Flaunt your wilder side – I’m an adventurous and free thinker.
  17. Not being serious – Looking for the fun part of life, wanting to laugh and be happy

No matter what, a good Tinder bio, a good sense of humor, and knowing the trick to sending photos on Tinder chat, with a little bit of good luck are great ways to meet your perfect match!

Romantic Headlines For POF Dating

  1. The romantic lover – I’ll cook you breakfast in bed.
  2. The love calculator – You + Me = Love.
  3. Intentionally available – You can call me “The One.”
  4. Make your preference known – I’m looking for my Harley Quinn.
  5. Crack her open emotionally – I’ll trade you a secret for a secret.
  6. Hopeless romantic – I don’t know any great headlines but on our first date, I’ll cook you dinner.
  7. Getting serious – Looking for a relationship, a best friend… But not afraid to go on a few dates first.
  8. Brave and daring – Promise to make you laugh until you cry.
  9. Serious romantic – I need someone to love me unconditionally and accept my dog as their own.
  10. Life loving – The best way to live life is to make every moment matter.
  11. Creative punch-line – Do you mind if I walk you home? I was told to follow my dreams.
  12. Romantic punchline – I don’t like most girls but I might make an exception for you.
  13. A gentleman with limits – I’ll only fart after you’ve left the room.
  14. Serious and ready – Ready to take this to the next level?
  15. Date interest – Looking for someone who is passionate about Netflix binging…with wine.
  16. Positive thinking – Looking for a woman who can appreciate my positive qualities.
  17. Like clichés – I’m looking for my partner in crime.
  18. A date with me – Can I interest you in a date that involves Netflix, cuddling, and wine?
  19. Make her feel butterflies – I’m looking for something really special.
  20. Just being poetic – Fallen star looking for an eternal flame.
  21. Melting her heart – Even crazy dreams can come true.
  22. Romance never hurts – I’m a young and creative person looking for love
  23. Ready to impress – Prepare to be swept off your feet.
  24. Make them swoon – I just want to leave a mark on your heart.
  25. You just want some good times – Looking for someone to make me smile.

Dating Headlines To Express Yourself

  1. Open-minded – I’m as single as a dollar bill.
  2. Out with the truth – I’m dirt rich.
  3. The mama’s boy – My mom thinks I’m handsome and you should too.
  4. Don’t judge a book – Don’t judge a book by its cover but you are free to judge me by my abs.
  5. Know yourself – Life is too short to settle for anything less.
  6. About me – My passions include long walks on the beach and Netflix marathon sessions.
  7. Passion and bravery – Looking for someone as passionate as me and not scared of trying new things.
  8. Showcasing my intellectual side – I know no unique headlines, I’m just a simple person with a complicated mind.
  9. Career talks – I’m a fashion designer based in the US and I come up in news articles a lot.
  10. The poet that is me – I’m a unique individual who comes by once in a blue moon.
  11. Poetic and romantic – I’m the kind of free spirit who aims to inspire and bring the best out in everyone.
  12. Show them I’m only human – I have got a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and am so laid back I’m practically horizontal.
  13. Being cute – I’m warm and affectionate with a dash of spice and I love to read.
  14. Be positive – Always polite, always smiling, always happy.
  15. Got it? Flaunt it – Funny, charming, and charismatic.
  16. Use what you have – I’m driven and I always strive to be happy in what I do.
  17. Show off – I’m a semi-retired dancer, currently a budding presenter hoping to be on TV
  18. Crazy about your passion – I love films, games, art, theater, and adventures. Being an actor is my life.
  19. Keen sense of adventure – I come up with the worst headlines but do you still fancy joining me around the world?
  20.   Keep it real – I’m down to earth. We are born to be real, not perfect.
  21. Don’t settle – The good news about me is I’m still optimistic about finding ‘the one’.
  22. Impressive body – If you’re a junkie for six-packs, then you’re the right woman for me
  23.  Playing nice – A professional chef eager to make you dinner if you play nice.
  24. Casting my net wide – I’m an Art-loving gamer and movie buff with a big life ambition.
  25. Take your time – I’ll know what I’m looking for when I find it. Hint, I’ll find it in dainty damsels.

Movie and Nerdy References To Use On Match

  1.  Science classic – I’m a physicist who loves orbiting around the world.
  2. Creative masterpiece – A golden bear searching for honey.
  3. Bold and inspiring – My favorite book quote is, “Have strong knees and willingness to fall”.
  4. Movie reference – Let’s get together in the wrong places so I can trigger your natural frequency.
  5.  Nerd online – Chemistry nerd looking for a positively charged proton for my adventure.
  6. Always a nerd – A physics nerd who has a good time dancing. I can make your inertia in motion.
  7. Game of Thrones reference – What do we say to the God of Death?
  8. Video game reference – I’m looking for my player 2 and my potential date partner.
  9. Pop-culture reference – You have to call me Night-wing.
  10. Be niche – Hey steam-punk druid here.
  11. Hit them with the nostalgic – Hakuna Matata.
  12. The movie classics – A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of a sheep.
  13. TV Show lovers – BetterCallPaul
  14. When music becomes your weapon – “Everyone knows the dice are loaded…”
  15. Pop culture reference – They are taking the hobbits to Isengard.
  16. Playful prompt – Two truths and one lie; go.

Catchy Headlines For POF Dating

  1. Calm but challenging – To begin, begin.
  2. Make her think – The start of a new ending.
  3. The selective guy – Must love beards
  4. Short of words – Place a good headline here.
  5. Laconic and classy – Can’t light a fire without a spark.
  6. Ask and you shall be answered – Tacos or Wings?
  7. Straight to the point – You have to want it to get it
  8. Always up for a challenge – Show me your funny side and I’ll buy you pizza.
  9. Communicate the right sentiment – I read your bio.
  10. Positive association – What songs always make you dance?
  11. What you might want – Pizza or beer?
  12. Dating adventure – Tired of being single? Join me on this dating adventure
  13. Honesty, is the best policy – No idea what I’m doing but I hope we figure it out together.
  14. Storyteller – You won’t believe what happened to me today!
  15. Abandoned profile – My dating profile is like an abandoned house, it needs to be demolished.
  16. What I like about you – You had me at “I like your dog”.
  17. Your level in the game – If you are reading this, then you are already ahead of the game.
  18. Cool with what you want – I’m looking for friends, dates, good dating, and lots more.
  19. Take it easy – When it’s the right time for you, you’ll know.
  20. Taking things easy – I’m just looking for dates to see what happens really.
  21. Show spontaneity – Love traveling and unplanned activities with you and your family members.
  22. Be cute – How about we make each other smile?
  23. Show a little risk – How about we just run some red lights?
  24. Proper connection – Anyone who actually wants to have a decent conversation?
  25. Be hip – If we vibe, we vibe.
  26. Settle for the best – Not interested in casual dating, one-night stands, or time wasters.


We’ve seen some of the best POF headlines that can spice whatever adventure we seek on the platform.

While these are all great examples of headlines to use, it’s better to pick the one that suits you and edit them to your taste so that you end up with a unique headline different from any other.

Headlines are meant to be short and catchy. But the bio is what determines the difference between interest and swiping right.

Not sure how to write a great Tinder bio?

You may want to check out a recent article on some of the best Tinder bios for guys. I’ll show you TONS of great examples of what to do no matter what your goal is.

But what about older divorced guys? Can Tinder still work?

Have a look at a recent article I published that explains how men over 50 can find love on Tinder and other dating platforms.

I’m 58, and Tinder is where I met my current girlfriend!

Whether you’re looking to have a good time, build your love life, go out on dates, one-night stands, or whatever your intentions are, throwing some quality headlines is still one of the surest ways to have a great catch.

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