How to Get Your Ex-Wife Back After Getting a Divorce

Someone once said, “if you love something, let it go. It was meant to be yours if it comes back to you.” But sometimes couples get divorced with one of them not ready to walk away. If you’re a husband in that boat, you may have wondered how to win back your ex-wife.

Win back an ex-wife by focusing on being the best version of yourself that you can be. That will remind her of the reasons she originally fell in love. Avoid begging, acting desperate, or getting angry. Avoid initiating contact for at least 40 days to allow her to miss you. 

While you and your ex-wife might have parted ways, not every divorce ends with both parties not wanting anything to do with each other. You might feel differently, and so could she!

Parting ways with a spouse is always a unique experience for each person, depending on how things ended and their feelings towards each other. For some people, divorce is a long-awaited release to freedom; for others, it could be as devastating as losing a part of your identity.

Once you sign those divorce papers, a million and one questions start racing through your mind. Did you do the right thing? Is this the end? What do you do with all the love and familiarity you still have for her?

Getting your ex-wife back will take much effort, and you’ll need to work. In this article, I’ll share how to win your ex-wife back after getting divorced and how you can make the most of your situation.

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What percentage of divorced couples get back together?

According to research, reconciliation after divorce is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Some statistics show that under the right conditions and at the right time, between 10 to 15% of divorced couples will reconcile and get back together.

Everyone has a dreamed-up idea of a perfect married life and a wedding. Usually, the reality is not the same, thus leading to a life of unhappiness, discontent, and unmet expectations. Of course, there are many reasons why your marriage could have broken apart.

There are also many reasons ‌divorcees return to their former partner to start all over. If you’re looking for a silver lining, I’m here to tell you it is possible to get your woman back.

Here are six reasons ‌divorcees remarry each other:

1. Recognition of Past Mistakes

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say, and in some divorced marriages, this is the case. As the couple spends time apart to reflect on their past mistakes, deal with their anger, and work on their flaws, the chances for reconciliation increase.

2. Prioritizing and Paying Attention to Your Spouse’s Needs

Inability to prioritize and pay attention to your spouse may have been why you had to part ways.

This could result from tight work schedules or placing one’s career over marriage. Ex-spouses who get back together after divorcing usually learn how to prioritize or switch to less time-consuming jobs to make time for their marriage.

3. Substance Abuse Recovery

Although infidelity and financial challenges are some of the most common reasons for divorce, addiction also significantly negatively influences relationships.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, addiction is a family illness. Each family member feels the effects, and it can be much harder to mend these strained bonds when a family is separated.

Sometimes, someone losing their loved one can be the one major change that would help them sober up.

If substance abuse caused the divorce, working to recover from the addiction might help your ex consider rebuilding with you again. While getting rid of an addiction is challenging, it is possible with the right professional help and mindset.

After couples have gone through this stage and succeeded, they are more likely to consider getting back together and starting over again as new people.

4. Improved Finances

Financial challenges are a leading cause of divorces in marriages today. According to a Ramsey Solutions study, almost 66.7% of marriages in America start in debt. These statistics continue to rise as years pass and younger couples emerge. Financial troubles may include disagreements about handling money, low income, etc.

Following a divorce, both parties typically experience a decrease in income, and the numbers sometimes ‌rise again after a while.

In other cases, separation could force the divorcees to reevaluate their relationship with money and build better financial habits. With an improved financial situation, the ex-spouses may recognize that their major problem pre-divorce is out of the way.

Family plans and tax returns are less demanding on spouses than on single individuals.

5. Considering the Children

According to a study by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, just 47% of US households have children who reach the age of 17 while their parents are still married.

Children are one of the major reasons ‌couples do not get separated at all ‌in the first place.

The health, education, and self-esteem of children are all severely harmed by a divorce. Children who grew up having divorced parents also ‌tend to exhibit antisocial behavior and have significant anxiety levels.

Interestingly, this research also reveals that these consequences are more prevalent in kids who did not expect their parents’ divorce.

Many couples will avoid breaking the family apart for their kids’ sake. Where the divorce already happened, many divorcees return to their former spouse for the children’s sake.

This is especially common when there is a continued connection between the ex-spouses because of co-parenting.

6. Lack of Suitable Partners

Many divorced couples have been married for a long time.

Now they are suddenly thrown back into the dating pool, where modern dating culture is as brutal as it is fast-paced. For many people, a lack of suitable partners out there or a lack of familiarity will push them to go back to their ex-spouse.

Can your ex-wife fall in love with you again?

Yes, your ex-wife can fall in love with you again. Sometimes, a divorce might be the final push you need to step away and evaluate yourselves. As she thinks about the good times you shared and how much you’ve changed since you parted ways, she may start to rekindle her feelings for you or develop entirely new ones!

But it also depends on whether she has an avoidant attachment style.

An avoidant attachment style woman will need a complete break from you in order to feel safe again. It’s not that she truly felt unsafe around you necessarily. But avoidants, while desperately wanting love, value their independence more.

And over time in a relationship, they can begin to feel smothered.

And feeling smothered is frightening to them, and they start to feel unsafe, which causes them to withdraw and eventually break up with their husbands/boyfriends.

Then, after a period of months of total separation from you, their seeing you as controlling or as a bad person will start to subside. They are also likely going to get involved with someone new. But eventually, they will begin to miss you.

They will begin to reminisce about the good times. This is even more likely if the new person is too clingy or smothering (which, ultimately, almost everyone will seem that way to an avoidant). Then, and only then, after that new relationship ends, it is possible they will come back to you.

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How do you know if your ex-wife wants you back?

To get back with your ex-wife, she must be willing to reconcile with you. This is one of the most important things to have. If there is no willingness to reconcile or she despises you and doesn’t want any contact, getting back together would be impossible.

How do you know if your ex-wife wants you back? Here are a few ways to tell:

1. She reaches out somewhat regularly

If your ex is texting, calling, or interacting with you on social media and doing so not just because of shared financial reasons or reasons to do with children, that’s a really good sign.

That’s a sign that she’s opening back up to you, missing you, and wanting to have you in her life in some capacity.

2. She inquires as to whether you are seeing anyone

If she flat out asks if you are dating or seeing anyone, that’s a clear sign she’s interested. If you are, and she exhibits signs of jealousy or curiosity when you tell her, that’s also a good sign.

And if you aren’t, and she seems happy to hear that when you tell her, that’s also a good sign.

Women aren’t typically straightforward communicators. And ego also plays a role too. If you broke up and are completely divorced, she’s unlikely to just come right out and ask to reconcile.

So, look for a few of these signs and when the time is right, initiate a kiss and see how she responds.

3. She initiates physical contact

As with picking up a woman or gauging whether a woman is interested in dating you, look for signs of physical attraction from your ex.

Does she play with her hair when talking to you? Does she stand close to you? Maybe she accidentally bumps into you or even puts her hand on your forearm or somewhere innocuous.

Those are clear signs of attraction and could indicate she’s willing to try again.

4. She makes it clear she is single

Once divorced, a couple doesn’t really owe each other anything.

But if she makes it clear that she isn’t dating anyone or has broken up with someone she was seeing, that’s not an accident. She wants you to know for a reason.

5. She brings up fond memories

Once a divorce has gone through, couples often go through a cycle of emotions.

Those can include anger, sadness, resentment, and bitterness. But eventually, those uncomfortable feelings subside, and we tend to start to reminisce and remember the good times.

When she gets to that stage, if she’s actively mentioning those memories to you, that’s a great sign that she remembers why she fell in love with you in the first place.

And if you aren’t engaging in behaviors that could push her away (needy, desperate, or angry behavior), it is much easier to slowly begin to draw her back to you.

How do you know if your ex is happy without you?

Admitting that your ex-wife is happy without you can be incredibly soul-crushing. You will mostly have a hard time accepting your best friend and lover now thrives better emotionally when you are no longer in her life.

There will be some indicators that will prove this to you. They include:

1. She Maintains Absolutely No Contact

It’s normal to stay away after your divorce.

However, you might still see each other in common social circles, and she might even want to stay in touch through social media. If she’s happier without you, your ex-wife will completely disappear from your life – no phone calls, text messages, emails, just radio silence.

2. You Remain Blocked on Social Media

One way to tell if she’s happy without you is when she shares nothing on social media. Sometimes, your ex might block you and unblock you after the feelings of hatred have faded in the long run.

If you remain unblocked on social media, it just shows that she doesn’t want you to know what’s happening in her life and that she has moved on.

3. She Doesn’t Ask About Your Personal Life

She doesn’t ask because she doesn’t care.

If she’s happy, why would she? If your ex-wife asks nothing about your personal life, she no longer cares about what happens with you and has already moved on. It shows that she’s now focusing on herself and her new life away from you.

Similarly, it’s a solid indicator that your ex wants you to keep out of her life if she doesn’t share. It is if they withhold or refuse to disclose information about the current events in their lives.

4. She Doesn’t Want to Be Friends

Whether or not you have kids, many divorcees tend to stay friends or at least acquaintances. If your ex-wife has zero interest in being friends after your divorce, she is certainly happy and content with the divorce.

5. She Has a New Relationship

If she’s already in a new romantic relationship, there’s a good chance that she has moved on and is happy.

Approaching the dating scene will be significantly harder for women who have not yet let go of their strong feelings or bitterness in their previous marriage. If she’s in a happy relationship, it’s a clear indicator that your wife’s feelings for you have faded, and she has moved on.

Having said that, most women line up your replacement before breaking up.

That doesn’t mean she was cheating. But she knows who the possibilities are. Most women have what’s called “male orbiters”; single guys who are physically attracted to the woman, who hang around in the friend zone, hoping they will eventually get a shot.

In reality, most won’t get a shot.

But women don’t leave a relationship until their attraction for you is all but gone. It’s not fair. And they should absolutely talk about being unhappy while there is still time to fix things.

But most women don’t do that.

Instead, they wait quietly until they no longer love you, end things, and then quickly jump into something new with one of the guys who was waiting in the wings.

6. She Has New Hobbies, Friends, etc.

When she has new hobbies, friends, and relationships, your ex-wife has built a new life without you. There, she may be much happier and relaxed, able to ignore the stress or tension that the marriage may have caused her.

7. She Has Returned All Your Things/Taken Hers Back

Out of sight, out of mind. If your ex-wife has given back all your belongings, especially objects of sentimental value, that’s a surefire way to tell that your relationship is well and truly over.

If she has taken back all her personal belongings, it shows that she’s moving on and happy. In this recent article, I posted similar content on this topic and went into further detail on how you can tell if your breakup is final.

8. She Has Changed for the Better

If your ex-wife is doing great for herself, career-wise, physically, or mentally, these are signs she’s happier without you. If you see that she’s much more active and living life to the fullest, she has probably moved on and is now better for it.

9. She’s Easier to Talk To

When your ex-wife is happy, you may notice fresh energy and a wave of lightness about her.

She probably has a more active social life, new friends, new ways of spending her time, and personal development. You’ll see the serene air about her, letting you know she is finally happy.

This will probably be extremely painful for you. But when we truly love someone, we want them to be happy; even if it’s not with us.

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10. She’s Distant

There may occasionally come a period when you feel that you and your ex have been distant recently, even though you two continue to be friends after the separation.

This may result from your lives naturally drifting apart, or it may be something your ex is doing on purpose because they’re better without you in their life.

How to get your ex-wife back from another man

Before anything else, you’ll need clarity on what broke you apart. Take time alone to identify what happened and what led to the divorce.

Ask yourself why you want her back and understand she is no longer your wife. Confront the reality that she is with someone else now and that winning her back will not be easy.

These are a few effective ways to get your ex-wife back from another man:

1. Communicate and Spend Time with Her While Being respectful

Spending time with your ex-wife might be hard and even harder if she’s in a relationship with another man. It would be best if you worked to get comfortable around each other again and slowly rebuild the trust.

Communicate openly, apologize, and try to spend time with her.

Call her when you are in a good state of mind, without desperation and with confidence. Suggest meeting up, but don’t push too much if she declines at first.

Focus on becoming friends and becoming comfortable with each other again.

2. Be Consistent

Be understanding and recall that it is not so easy to forget the past.

You may have accepted whatever happened in the past that caused the separation, while she may not. Set out in the right direction by maintaining consistency in your words and actions.

You must give her space and respect her until she feels ready to work with you. If you’re impatient and pushy or your efforts are inconsistent, she may take it as a sign that you don’t want her.

3. Try to Woo Her All Over Again

Make her rediscover her love for you. You might charm her a second time by giving her flowers, singing to her, writing poetry, or any other number of good things that she loves.

But if she does have a boyfriend, don’t do this as that could push her away.

Make her feel like the only person that matters most in your entire world and mean it too. But don’t rush. After a divorce, it’s like starting over.

When you first dated, you didn’t go from meeting to marriage quickly. This will take time. So avoid rushing, pressuring, or labeling things.

When she is ready to escalate things, she will let you know.

Make her feel special by doing whatever to rekindle her love for you. If she allows you, try to initiate physical contact – hugs, holding hands, and maybe someday, kissing. This is a good start to getting back together.

Ensure that you study her body language and act accordingly.

If she refuses that, return to the friendly and light-hearted conversation, keeping things natural. There’s a thin line between this and desperately chasing after her – this might be a complete turnoff and will depend on the situation between you two.

4. Show Her How You’ve Changed

Your past relationship might have ended because of your faults or bad things.

You must reflect and admit the circumstances that caused the breakup. Human beings are prone to make mistakes and If you are at fault, acknowledge it. Work to make the adjustments in yourself to make up for it.

Give her good reasons to believe you are doing the work and let her see these positive changes for herself. Your wife could rediscover her love for you after a divorce and give you a second chance.

But remember, if you were insecure, needy, volatile, or otherwise emotionally weak, she’s going to need to see you behave differently consistently over time. Words don’t mean anything.

Is it too late to win my wife back?

First, it is never too late to attempt anything if you are determined enough to achieve it.

This is true if you hope you and your wife can reconcile and repair your marriage. Many divorced couples have occasionally reconciled months or even years later, so you don’t have to lose hope just yet.

It’s only too late if she has remarried or has died. Otherwise, there is still a chance.

In one of my recent articles, I shared over 30 signs that show that your marriage is truly over. It might be too late to win your wife back when you notice these signs.

They include:

  1. Lack of effective communication
  2. Disinterest in any type of intimacy or friendship
  3. Unresolvable differences
  4. No attraction
  5. No trust
  6. Lack of mutual interests
  7. Feeling drained and suffocated
  8. You don’t mind the idea of her being with someone else
  9. Unwillingness to reconcile

If my ex-wife is in limerence, how long should I wait?

Limerence is an unhealthy state of infatuation. It often happens in affairs. The good news is that it always has an expiration date.

Limerence can last anywhere between 3 months to 3 years, but the average duration of limerence is about a year and a half. If your ex-wife is in limerence with someone, it can be an excruciating experience for you.

You might wonder if you should wait or abandon ship altogether. 

If you’re wondering if it’s worth waiting and if spouses come back after limerence, you’ll find an extensive explanation in my recent article, “Limerence in Marriage: Do Spouses Come Back After an Affair?”

They include:

  1. She’s spending less time with her limerent object, which could be an ex-boyfriend, friend, or an entirely new person
  2. She’s spending more time with you
  3. She’s admitting guilt or regret over the affair
  4. There is a return to normalcy in priorities and traditions previously shared

But how do you know how far along the limerence path she is on?

In another recent article, I shared signs to watch out for that indicate the limerence is ending. I also include a fool-proof way to know exactly where she is on the limerence timeline.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Will going no contact work to win her back?

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to stay away.

The no contact rule is a tactic used by those who have been dumped to win back their ex-love interest and to help them regain some control of the situation by deciding not to stay in touch with the person who ended the relationship.

Does going no-contact work? 

No contact can absolutely work as it allows her time and space to miss you and remember the good times. This is especially true if you have been a little clingy, needy, or smothering.

The drastic change in your behavior will get her wondering about you.

But the true power of going no-contact lies in what you do with that time. Do you sulk around and let hate or regret fester? Or do you dream and work towards a reunion?

First, I’ll discuss the advantages of going no-contact.

1. It Stops You from Chasing After Her and Scaring Her Away

Calling 50 times a day and texting twice as much might seem like a good idea when you want to show her you still want her.

However, it’s a poor tactic that might scare her away and make her block you on every social media platform if she hasn’t already.

When you’re suffering and hurting, you’re more likely to do irrational things that could hurt your chances of getting her back. Going without contact offers you a purpose, a goal, and even hope to hold on to.

The last thing you want to do is indulge in classic breakup errors like pleading, begging, and persistently pursuing your ex, all of which are red flags.

You’ll also maintain your dignity and self-esteem by avoiding contact to avoid irrational behaviors.

2. It Gives You Both Space to Think and Reflect

You have much time to reflect, heal your mental health, and figure out what you did wrong in the relationship that led to the breakup while there is no communication.

Until you’ve had enough alone time, you won’t truly understand why the two of you split up. After a divorce, the worst thing is crowding her space and making her feel suffocated.

3. It Gives You Time to Work on Yourself

In the heat of the divorce, you may be unable to take a step back and do some much-needed self-development.

Maintaining no contact will give you time to search deeply for yourself and change your ways.

As you fix your mistakes and work on becoming the man she wanted all along, you’ll be the best version of yourself when you do eventually reconnect.

4. Distance Will Make Her Heart Fonder

Going no-contact fulfills your ex’s needs. i.e., time away from you. It also shows that you are considerate of her needs, and she will probably appreciate you more.

Your ex-wife may also anticipate a pursuit and will be perplexed as to why you aren’t pursuing her.

This might develop into curiosity, leading her to reach out to you first instead. No contact may also give your ex the space she needs and let her discover what it’s like to be without you in her life. If she misses you significantly enough, she may reach out to rekindle the old flame and get back to you.

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How Do You Go No-Contact the Right Way?

The no-contact period may be the hardest part. Still, regard every day that passes as a tremendous accomplishment on your part and do it in the best way possible for positive results.

You’ll cherish the development it provides as you work on yourself and your relationship skills.

Later, you’ll realize that the magnitude of what you’ve accomplished will inspire you to be a better man she will consider returning to.

  1. The first thing to do is establish a 40-day no-contact goal and keep going with it. It’s hard to cut off all contact at once completely. I advise that you do it in small bits. When the time elapses, reinforce your determination with yet another 48-hour goal, telling yourself that it is not yet time. This will encourage your brain to keep going and allow you to focus on improving yourself. Soon, you will no longer need the 48-hour goal to keep going.
  2. Tell her you won’t be reaching out for a while and why. It’s great to be open with her and admit that you want to give her space to reflect or take a break while you do the same. If you want to create a sense of urgency, you may try to be vague about when the no-contact period will end. This may encourage her to think more deeply about saving your relationship.
  3. Set an end date for your no-contact period. It’s up to you to decide if you want her to know but try to have an idea so that it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting forever.
  4. Avoid reaching out by getting occupied. Being idle will probably lead to calling or texting her, so hold onto hobbies or activities that will take your mind off reaching out.
  5. Put in the work and do the heavy lifting. Search within yourself, work on your flaws, and recognize huge mistakes that caused the divorce.
  6. Don’t stalk her on social media, as this will make it harder to stay away. This includes creating fake profiles to watch whatever she’s posting. Even if she doesn’t know it’s you behind the profile, it’ll do you more harm than good.
  7. When it’s time to end the no-contact period, reach out and acknowledge the silence. You may choose to meet up or discuss over the phone if she wants to as well. Do your best to show that you have done the work to become a changed person. When she sees how well you put that period to good use, she may be encouraged to rethink your separation.

Having said all of that, some experts do recommend NOT telling her you are going no-contact as it will increase the mystery more.

And then also, don’t just call her at your predetermined end date. If she reaches out to you, that’s a far more effective way of building her interest back.

Can you get married again to the same person after divorce?

Once the divorce papers are done, that’s the end, right? No takebacks? That isn’t always the case. The simple answer is yes; you can get married again to the same person after divorce.

LOTS of people end up remarrying the same person after a divorce.

The law does not stop you from remarrying your ex-spouse after your divorce. After divorce, a couple may regret not working through their issues together before getting married. Some couples find love again years after divorcing. There are a variety of reasons why you and your ex-spouse could reconcile.

Overcoming the problems that caused the divorce, however, can be difficult. Additionally, the divorce process could have resulted in bitterness and hatred, which might lead to problems in a new relationship.

You’ll need to consider a few things before getting back together with your ex-wife.

1. Have You Resolved the Cause of The Divorce?

Whatever‌ led to your divorce, leaving it unresolved will probably take you back to square one.

You’ll have to ask yourself the tough questions and then do the hard work to see that the reason for your marriage’s initial failure does not arise again.

2. Have Things Changed Since the Divorce?

If you and your ex-wife have already identified what led to your divorce, it’s up to you to see that you have become a changed person. Without the ‌changes, the new healthy relationship you hope to build together will probably crumble.

You cannot repeat the same formula repeatedly, expecting a different result. The change will accelerate your and your ex-wife’s healing processes.

3. What Measures Have Been Set to Avoid Problems?

It’s not enough to identify the problems and change. Will these changes last? Have you put any measures in place to make these changes stick so that your marriage doesn’t fall again?

Putting up measures to help strengthen your new bond with your ex-wife is a crucial part of getting married to the same person after divorce.

You may need to employ a third party – one of your trusted family members, friends, or a marriage counselor.

4. What Would Be the Consequences of Getting Back Together?

The legal and financial implications of remarrying the same person you divorced can be exhausting.

Marrying your ex-spouse does not automatically overhaul the terms of your divorce. Property division, spousal support, and child custody/child support arrangements will be more complicated.

You’ll also have to consider how remarrying affects your children and how it would impact their lives. You may assume it’s as simple as hitting an “undo” button, but it’s much more complicated.

How can I attract my ex-wife back?

1. Work on Yourself

Looks aren’t everything, but they sure ‌help attract your ex-wife back.

The first step to attracting her back is developing your character and becoming better. Ensure that you take care of yourself and focus on being and looking your best.

Using the law of attraction, mentally and emotionally, work on maintaining positive feelings about your interaction with her. 

I talk more about the law of attraction in a recent article on getting your ex back.

2. Create Time for Her

This is especially important if distance and a lack of attention were the driving forces behind the divorce. Show her that you are 100% committed to making time for her and your marriage.

3. Initiate Contact

Talk to your ex-spouse as much as possible, just like you did when you first met. You may call or send a text message to ask about her personal life. Show genuine interest in what she’s doing.

Congratulate her and let her know how much you have missed her. After a while, you can then ask to meet up. You’ll need to treat this date like the most important first date with a new person.

4. Communicate and Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Give room for open communication and let her know you’re being honest.

Openly discuss your marriage problems and express your willingness to reconcile and move forward as a new couple. The best time to do this is when your new relationship with your ex-wife starts to move into the commitment stage.

Have a heartfelt conversation about it and share what you are doing and what you will do to see that such mistakes don’t get in the way again.

5. Move Slowly and Carefully

Because it will feel similar to when you first started dating or getting married, it can be tempting to dive headfirst into a relationship with your ex-spouse. Avoid letting your emotions lead you astray because you might end up scaring her off or turning her off.

Take small steps, and you should keep an eye on what’s happening as time passes.

Recognize that although this is a new beginning, it has a past that requires thought and resolution. You might want to ignore the past and focus entirely on the present, but you might do more harm to your promising new beginning.

6. Become a Better Person and Work on Your Flaws

It’s one thing to say the words and another to do as you have said.

Ensure that you work on becoming a better person and fixing your flaws so that she will feel safe enough to trust you again and return to you.

Get back in the gym! Get back to spending time with friends and family! Get back to doing the things that bring you joy.

That was likely how you were living your life when she fell in love with you. If you become that person again, it’s far more likely she will fall right back in love with you all over again.

If my ex-wife comes back to me, can we get the divorce annulled?

You may ask, “can divorce be reversed?”

Yes. However, the process is no walk in the park. This process will vary depending on what stage your divorce proceedings are.

It will be more difficult to remain married if your divorce case is about to end or the divorce settlement has already been agreed upon.

  1. If the process has not yet begun and the petition has not been filed, you can withdraw the divorce petition with the county clerk. You’ll be required to explain the situation if you need to file any additional forms.
  2. If the process is already underway, you may be able to file for voluntary dismissal of the divorce. This will probably cost you a fee, but you won’t need to provide the county clerk or the court with reasons for the divorce dismissal.
  3. If the divorce case is close to the end, but the settlement has not yet been signed, you can submit a request to urge the court not to rule on it. This will effectively halt the process.
  4. If the divorce settlement has already been signed, there is a 30-day window post-settlement completion in which the judge can rescind the divorce decree.
  5. After 30 days, the judge will not be able to rescind it. You’ll need to seek legal help and have professionals with years of experience help you.

But if it’s a done deal, then really, it’s just a matter of getting remarried just like you did the first time.


It is possible to get your ex-wife back after getting a divorce.

By putting in your best and helping her see that you are the man she wants, your ex-wife can become your partner again. The law does not prohibit you from remarrying, although the legal process might be tedious.

Don’t lose hope; keep doing your best to see things work out. If things don’t work out, it might be time to accept the end of that relationship and do your best to move on.

The ONLY way to get your ex back…

I feel your pain and I know firsthand what it’s like being in a troubled marriage.

Yeah, the feeling of getting dumped sucks. There’s no question about that. Sometimes, you can go crazy thinking about all the things that went wrong in your relationship.

But the bottom of the line is, the reason why your relationship ended is because she lost attraction for you.

Luckily, all hope is NOT lost, and there is something you can do to re-attract her back. The Ex Factor Guide is a proven system developed by renowned relationship expert Brad Browning who has well over half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

This quote from Mark B. perfectly sums up the quality work The Ex Factor does:

“When I first stumbled across Brad Browning’s new “Ex Factor Guide” program, I thought it would probably be like all the rest of the ‘ex back’ products for sale on the internet. Boy, was I wrong! Brad claims that over 90% of all relationships can be salvaged, and (from what I saw) anyone who reads and applies his techniques is almost guaranteed to have their ex begging for a second chance”

Serious about getting her back?

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